About Silverwealth

Why did we start Silverwealth?

Our founding team consists of highly qualified individuals with decades of expertise in technology and financial services. Some of our founders have previously worked at reputed financial institutions and built great financial planning platforms for financial advisers. Financial advisers generally work with rich people. Our thinking is that we can make a bigger impact in the society by serving those who aren’t already rich. Consider this, approximately 4 million people retire every year. A vast majority of them lose tens of thousands of dollars in the form of lower Social Security benefits, higher investment fees, lower returns on their savings, tax penalties, and lack clarity on their overall finances. This is what we want to change. This is what led to the birth of Silverwealth.

With Silverwealth, we're helping people who are either near retirement or already retired and find a smart human financial adviser expensive. We are committed to build an easy to use technology that's powered by a very sophisticated system. Starting with the maximization of Social Security benefits, we cover all aspects of your finances during retirement, including the healthcare expenses and investments.

Silverwealth value proposition

Actionable plan

A plan is of no use if one can't act upon it. Our recommendations are to the point and free from financial gobbledygook.

Industrial Strength

Our technology has been tested by thousands of smart financial advisers. So, it has the industrial strength to deal with numerous personal and financial situations.

Secured and device independent access

We use bank level security both for your interaction with our technology and for storing your personal information. We also have geographically distributed infrastructure to provide you uninterrupted service. You can access our technology at any time, anywhere, and on a device of your choice.


Yes, it's absolutely free. We also want you to know that we don't sell or share your information with any third parties.