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The Social Security Maximizerâ„¢ handles all possible personal situations to automatically maximize your lifetime Social Security benefits. Beside many other rules, the Social Security rules vary based on your marital status. Whether you're a married couple seeking co-ordination of your own and spousal benefits, divorced interested in how ex-spousal benefits will help, or a widow/widower co-ordinating own benefits with survivor benefits, our technology handles all that for you. If you have dependent children, it checks if they would be eligible for Social Security benefits and how much. If you intend to work during retirement, or have a government pension, this software also handles the impact of those incomes. For disabled individuals, it also guides them into the transition to retirement benefits. The software also runs different timing strategies across thousands of scenarios to identify the most beneficial one for your particular situation.

Why do I need to review my Social Security plan periodically?

There are several reasons for reviewing your plan periodically, at least once a year. One, for each year you live, your life expectancy changes according to IRS tables. This plays an important role in your benefits. Secondly, the Social Security Administration calculates your Social Security benefits on an annual basis and that impacts your plan. A cost of living adjustment (COLA) to Social Security benefits is also announced each year. That changes your benefits projection. Certain Social Security rules may also change from year to year. You may also have life events and financial changes to your situation over the course of a year. All of them affect your Social Security benefits.


How Do I Maximize My Social Security Benefits?

The software is very easy to use. It has only 3 simple steps after a regular signup or signup through one of popular social networks and payment: A few simple questions on your profile, inputting relevant information, producing the automatic maximization report. The maximization report provides specific recommendations via an action plan and projected benefits schedule. Here are partial screenshots of these three steps.

1. High level profile information for customization:
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2. Relevant input:
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3a. Maximization results:
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3b. Action plan:
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What Comes Next?

Complete Lifetime Retirement Income Plan

We start with Social Security planning since a vast majority of Americans rely on their Social Security benefits to pay for their expenses during retirement. The Social Security plan is followed by your lifetime retirement plan of overall income and expenses, year over year. It accounts for your income from Social Security, retirement portfolio, pensions, and other sources.

Healthcare Expenses in Retirement

On the expense side, our proprietary technology also estimates individual specific healthcare costs during retirement. It estimates the cost of doctor visits, prescriptions, potential hospitalizations, and long-term care needs. It also accounts for Medicare rules.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

We have also built a powerful investment allocation model that's based on your particular preferences, with automatic adjustments based on the changes to your financial situation.

What Our Users Are Saying?

I used to think that you get a set amount of SS benefits when you retire at 65. I was amazed by different options available in SS planning. Most importantly, I didn't have to spend hours reading arcane rules. The Silverwealth software automatically figured out the best approach with specific dates for my plan. It also showed me why that was the best option for me and my wife. I strongly recommend it.

Peter Flynn, Austin TX

I'm 60 and I have two little kids from my second marriage. I was under the impression that if I waited until age 70, I would get the maximum Social Security benefits. Thanks to this software, I now know that I'm better off taking benefits much sooner because my younger children also qualify for benefits for several years. If you're reading this feedback, I want to let you know that this software is awesome and a lot more than worth every penny.

David Miller, Richmond VA

About two weeks back, I approached a financial adviser after I read about changes to Social Security rules. He told me something about taking spousal benefits until age 70 while delaying my own benefits. And then he said I could no longer do that due to rule changes. I was bummed. Then I found this software mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. This software told me that I would still qualify for this solution. I also confirmed this with my local Social Security office. I'm so happy to find this software.

Mary Goldberg, Thousand Oaks CA